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SAT Vocabulary

Ms. Sunshine

Lets try using some of the new vocabulary in a different way.

1       2  
  4   5          
7                 8
  11   12  
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1.to show clearly; to make evident
4.harsh or severe; as of temper or expression; sour and bitter
6.wishing evil or harm to others
7.lasting a very short time
9.having sudden, unpredictable changes in behavior or attitude; impulsive; fickle
13.to aboloish by formal or official means
16.any valuable article; especially when taken as plunder
17.a puzzling question or problem
18.hasty and usually superficial; quick
2.a false and malicious statement designed to ruin someone's reputation; slander
3.any prop or support
5.vanishing; fading away; fleeting
8.a harsh discordance of sound; dissonance
10.to coax by flattery; cajole
11.blunt, curt or short in manner or speech
12.something to be thankful for
14.to renounce or give up under oath
15.to abstain, to keep away from; to avoid
16.to make smooth and bright

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