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America 1950-1960

Austin Gilbert

This puzzle endeavors to teach key historical facts in a fun manner.

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1.Horrific killings of unarmed civilians in South Vietnam
6.In 1961, President Kennedy promised to have this before the end of the decade.
9.Arrested in December 1955 for refusing to give up her seat.
13.Radical Civil Rights advocate assassinated in 1965.
14.The Allied Nations response to the Warsaw Pact.
15.Famous Rock and Roll Concert in 1969
16.Brother of President John F. Kennedy, assassinated in 1968
17.The end of this war resulted in the creation of the 38th Parallel dividing two nations.
2.Famously gave the "I have a dream" speech.
3.In 1966 this festive holiday is first celebrated.
4.This American space agency is founded in 1958.
5.This ruthless Russian dictator dies in 1953.
7.Delivered "One small step for man..." speech.
8.U.S President who signed a peace treaty with Japan in 1951, ending World War II.
10.Started in 1967, there have been 36 of these played, the last resulting in Seahawks Win.
11.President Elected in 1952.
12.U.S Senator prominent in anti-communism actions.

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