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Their eyes were Watching God Crossword

1 2
3 4                          
    6 7                      
9                   10                
12                         13
15           16                     17
18     19          
  20   21            

4.Where does Janie work?
6.What do they do in the Everglades?
9.What Attacked Janie in the flood?
10.What major event happens in the Everglades?
12.What did Janie do to Tea Cake?
15.What happened to Tea Cake?
16.Where do Janie and Tea Cake move to?
18.Why did their marriage end?
20.How does Janie feel about Tea Cake's age at first?
22.How did Janie feel after Joe died?
24.Who is Janie's mother
25.How many people does Janie tell her story to?
1.Who is Janie's First Husband?
2.Who did Janie meet at the store?
3.What was Janie's original Surname?
5.Who is Janie's lifelong friend?
7.What is the name of the town they helped build?
8.Who does Janie leave Logan for?
10.What is one main characteristic often referred to when talking about Janie?
11.Where do Janie and Joe go together?
13.What does Janie want from marriage?
14.What aspect of Nature does Janie focus on?
17.Who raised Janie?
19.How many marriages did Janie have?
21.What is Janie wearing when she walks into town?
23.What Political Position does Jody hold?

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