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1     2       3          
4                   5   6          
    8               9        
10             11      
    12                     13             14    
15                     16            
    18         19                          
    21         22            
23                         24  
26                   27             28          
  30                   31     32        
  34   35                 36            
        39 40     41        
43           44 45 46                
      48 49    

1.departing from the customary
3.to state to be true; to put into words positively and with conviction
4.lasting two hundred years or occurring every two hundred years
6.to take something for granted without direct proof
7.the region drained by a river system, an area sunk below its surroundings
8.the manner in which something is produced by man; not natural
11.someone who writes verse or poetry
12.resembling someone or something which is united in relationship with another
13.to put into words
15.to extend over the surface
16.the visible signs of combustion (a fire)
18.smallest particle of a chemical element that can take part in a chemical reaction
19.a type of training in which one learns by practical experience under skilled workers in an art, trade, or calling
22.a therapeutic material applied to a wound
23.worthy of belief because of precision, faithfulness to an original, etc.
25.of or relating to air
26.the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone
27.a man of great power or influence in some field of activity
28.to convey as a gift -- usually used with on or upon
29.the act of killing someone for political or religious reasons
30.a monstrous offense or evil
31.airplane manufacture, development, and design
35.moving under the force of gravity only
36.the act of making fast or firmly fixed by means of a cord, rope, etc.
37.any of the small celestial bodies orbiting around the sun, especially between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.
38.having a pleasant odor
40.readily seen, perceived, or understood
43.deep blue color
46.artificial channel for carrying water, sometimes in the form of a bridge supported by tall columns across a valley Some of the water takes
47.in a violent rage, especially to “go” berserk
48.without the usual covering Chemotherapy causes patients
50.bitingly feeling or showing unfriendliness
2.one who denies the existence of a God
3.one of the tubular vessels that carry blood from the heart through the rest of the body
4.the act of hurling or scattering a liquid in a reverse motion of its normal path
5.a written account of one’s life
7.without freshness or appeal due to overuse
8.the cultivation of the natural produce of water such as fish or shellfish
9.to regard as belonging to or resulting from another
10.to hit heavily and repeatedly
11.cold and forbidding; dark and depressing
12.the state of being characterized by embarrassment and discomfort
14.a connection to the matter at hand; the condition of being put to use
17.with a conceited belief in one’s superiority to others
20.mass of snow and ice tumbling down a mountain
21.a two footed animal
24.a sudden or dramatic appearance of an object or supernatural being
28.difficult to understand or solve: puzzling
29.collection of something, especially public or document documents
30.manmade objects
32.imaginary line about which an object rotates
33.a set of critical observations or data used for comparison or a control
34.to favor, to act as a friend to
35.brown or red mark on one’s body from birth; a naturally occurring mark on an inanimate object
39.characterized as promoting the interests or cause of or upholding or defending as valid
41.to methodically examine and review
42.not severe, temperate
44.to talk aimlessly or incoherently
45.to attack with harsh, often insulting language; to set upon with violent force
49.having or showing a tendency or likelihood

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