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Water safety


Water safety

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1.what do you watch out for at the beach
6.what do you do at the beach to protect your skin
9.What is something you can do at the beach
10.who rescues people at the peach
12.how old do you have to be until you dont need a pfd
13.what do you wear on your feat when you are snorkelling
15.What do you need to look out for at the beach
17.What do you stay in between at the beach
19.the type of water y\`ou dont dive into
21.what colour does the water go if a rip has occurred
22.what is it called when something gets stuck in the water
25.how many people drowned in Victoria last year
27.what do you need to protect when you are surfing
28.never swim.....
30.What other colour can the flags be
31.What sea creature do the lifeguards watch out for
33.helps you breath while snorkelling
2.what is sickness you can get from a sudden drop of body temperature
3.what is it called when your boat flips upside down
4.what do you wear at the beach
5.what you wear when its cold in the water
8.what is a water sport using boats
11.what is it important to wear at the beach a ......
14.what do you use to dry yourself at the beach
16.What do you catch fish with
18.what do you wear to help you in the water
20.What is a popular beach sport
22.what do you use to protect yourself from the sun
23.What can happen when you are not sensible at the beach and/can't swim
24.what do u call a current of water that pushes you out to sea
25.what do you install around pools to be safe
26.what do you need to do at the beach stay......
29.what is a wall of water called
32.what do you wear on you head at the beach

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