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Water Safety

Nicholas Gilmour

Find all the Answers in the crossword.

1     2   3
4       5
  9     10                
      11 12  
15                   16 17          
  19 20              

1.beware of these sea animals
6.what you wear when you go swimming under water
9.all children under how many years must wear a life jacket
10.protection cream for the sun
13.Before body boarding you should be able to swim continuously for at least 100 metres in a
15.a person who protects you around water
16.every year people die from diving into........water
19.you wear it when you go swimming
21.Strong winds will create..........waves that make it dangerous to swim.
22.wat should you install around a pool
23.Always body board with a
1.Suddenly getting into cold water can cause
2.never swim when there is a powerful........
3.what is the name of the shark protective net.
4.how people died of drowning last year
5.Don’t body board when...........prevail waves.
6.safety flags around the beach are called.
7.what are the names of the volunteers who patrol the beaches
8.what should you stay in-between when you swim
11.radiation from the sun is called
12.you wear them to see underwater
14.you dry yourself with it
17.you wear it on your head
18.conditions of the outdoors
20.never swim .......

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