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1.any temperature above saturation
4.a storage tank located in the suction line that allows small amounts of refrigerant to boil off before entering the compressor
7.amount of current flow in an electrical circuit
13.term used to describe the condition when liquid refrigerant enters a pumping compressor
15.any temperature below saturation
18.pounds per square absolute
19.used to step down voltage in an conditioning control circuit
20.a small electromagnetic switching device to control HVAC/R systems
21.the vapor state of matter
22.the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree
24.term used to describe a vapor when pressure is applied and the molecules are compacted closer together
27.a device that produces electricity from the interaction of metals and acids
30.the rotating part of a motor
32.unit of measurement for resistance in an electrical circuit
34.temperature scale where absolute 0 reads 0 degrees
36.the stationary component of a motor that contains the motor windings
37.gas used for brazing
38.a storage tank that is located in the liquid line
40.cycles per second of an electrical supply
2.environmental protection agency
3.a device that senses temperature change and controls heating & cooling systems
5.metering device that maintains superheat
6.the process of removing heat from a place where it is not wanted and transferring that heat to a place where it makes little or no difference
8.pounds per square inch
9.a device that produces a pressure difference in the air to move it
10.the part of a thermostat that is mounted on the wall and to which the thermostat wire is connected to
11.when a substance changes from a solid to a vapor without changing to a liquid
12.abbreviation of mercury
14.sensible heat plus latent heat {total heat}
16.a form of oxygen that protects the earth from the sun's UV rays
17.a path for electrons to flow in a complete path
20.the opposition to electrical flow
23.electrical power {P= I x E}
25.pounds per square inch gauge
26.the component in a refrigeration system that absorbs heat into the system evaporates the refrigerant
27.a heat activated electrical device used to open an electrical circuit
28.unit of measurement for current flow
29.a component in a refrigeration system that transfers heat from a system by condensing the refrigerant
31.removing refrigerant form a system and storing it in a recovery cylinder
33.an electrical storage device used to start motors or to improve the efficiency of motors
35.any pressure below atmospheric pressure expressed in inches of mercury
39.electrical current that reverses its direction at regular intervals

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