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1 2 3
4 5             6     7             8  
  9 10          
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        16   17
18                           19 20                  
    22                             23  
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        26   27                
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  33                                             34
36                         37                  

5.By 1921 the___were in total command of Russia.-
7.who was assassinated on December 1916
11.During the Bolsheviks forces seized the ____
13.A Military draft
14.13. The provisional government , headed by___ declared the war to preserve Russia’s honor
15.Who entered the war in 1917
18.Germany war also defected at the battle of __on sept.15
20.Government ideas to spread influence
22.Who was the president during WWI?
24.Where was the archduke assassinated
26.In 1918 british forces destroyed the ___ empire
28.Treaty of___ signed at the Paris peace conference
33.The Bolsheviks was a small fraction called the
35.How many years long was the war?
36.Process of assembling troops and supplies for war
37.In 1918 germany agrees to a __
38.Germany defeated Russia at the battle of___ on august 30
39.Who won the war of 1919
1.The leadership of Vladimir ilyich Ulyanovsk was known as
2.Assassination of ___ sparked WWI
3.World war 1 created new roles for___
4.The___ sea is located under Ukraine
6.The ___plan called for a war on two fronts with Russia
8.What country is above Sweden
9.German submarines sinks the ___--
10.What kind of submarine sunk the Lusitania
12.As world war I dragged on it became ___
16.War based on wearing the other side down by constant attack.
17.Trenchs were protected by____ wire
19.Admiral___said not one American would help the british
21.On july 28th Austria-hungry declared war on___-
22.A Policy of ___ensured supplies for the red army
23.Germany Austria-Hungary, Italy formed the___ in 1882
25.The battle of___ was one of the bloodiest battles of ww1
27.France, Great Britain, Russia, formed the___ in 1907
29.William II was the ___ of Germany
30.26. Germany, Austria-hungry joined by ____on sept. 1915 allowed and elimated Serbia.
31.On march 3rd 1918 lenin signed the treaty of ____with Germany
32.Who was responsible for the blank check.
34.The___were councils composed of representatives from workers

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