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Mr. Greaser

1 2 3           4  
  5     6                     7
  10                 11    

3.having independence from another country
5.monarchy, form of government in which the monarch is the head of state with no power
8.refusing to take sides in a war between other countries
9.to reunite
10.accepting two official languages, able to speak two languages
11.low swampy land
12.democracy,form of government where voters elect members to Parliament and appoint a prime minister
14.measure of how much work a person produces in a set amount of time
15.plants that are decayed in water and can be dried and used for fuel
16.technology industry, areas of businesses that include making computers and other products with sophisticated engineering
17.farming that conserves water and uses crops and growing methods suited to semiarid environments
1.energy, electricity produced by natural underground sources of steam
2.narrow, U-shaped coastal valley with steep sides formed by the action of glaciers
4.company that has locations in more than one country
6.focusing efforts on certain activities to make the best use of resources
7.spring of water heated by molten rock that shoots into the air
12.land reclaimed from building dikes and then draining the water from the land
13.special payment made by the government to support a group or industry

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