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Chemical Reactions

Describing Chemical Change

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  5                     6
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2.substances that are formed during a chemical reaction
4.consisting of two of the same elements bonded together ex. H2
5.(cr) means this when written after a chemical formula
7.a group of atoms that acts as a unit and has a positive or negative charge
12.a solid that forms and settles out of a solution
14.the smallest particles of matter that retains its identity in a chemical reaction
17.A representation of a chemical reaction
18.a type of reaction in which one element replaces another element in a compound
20.a chemical equation with the same number and types of atoms on both sides of the yields arrow
22.a chemical equation that does not indicate the amounts of reactants or products
23.a quantity that is conserved during a chemical reaction
24.a symbol used to separate two reactants or two products
25.small whole numbers that are placed in front of the formulas to balance the equation
26.a type of reaction that forms only one product
1.substances that are present at the beginning of a reaction
3.a chemical change involving an exchange of positive ions between two compounds
6.a type of reaction in which a single reactant forms two or more simpler products
8.a symbol used to separate the reactants from the products
9.an expression that indicates the number and types of atoms present in a substance
10.a chemical change involving oxygen as a reactant and produces heat and light
11.describes a chemical reaction that releases heat energy
13.a chemical change that produces new substances
15.a substance that has been dissolved in water
16.describes a chemical reaction that absorbs heat energy
19.a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction
21.the coefficients in a balanced chemical equation indicate the number of molecules or this chemical quantity

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