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1 2
  3   4 5
7 8          
9           10                  
  11 12          
13           14   15            
    16 17          
18     19   20
22                 23          
  27   28           29            

6.when liquid gain energy and turn into gas
9.tightly packed particles that vibrate
10.the substance that the solute is dissolved in
12.the method which we use to increase energy levels of particles
13.these particles slide and flow and take the shape of the container
15.temp at which solids melt
17.this is the chemical name of the substance that is dissolved
21.does not dissolve in a liquid
22.dishwashing detergent is know as an e-------n
23.another name for a sieve used in vacuum cleaners
25.actual temp at which water evaporates
26.when gas particles lose energy and turns back to liquid
27.hair gel is a type of this
29.temp at which liquids turn to gas
30.one way we separate metal from sand
1.this lets small particles through and leaves larger ones behind
2.actual temp of freezing point of water
3.we used heat in an experiment to separate this
4.the smallest particle known to man
5.mixture of solute and solvent
7.when something dissolves in a liquid
8.level of energy gas particles have
11.this is reflected if you shine it through a colloid
14.muddy water is known as a type of s-------n
16.lots of solute in a solution is called a c----------- solution
18.very weak cordial is called a d-----d solution
19.coffee is a type of ------ and ----- solution
20.particles are spread far apart
24.temp at which liquids turn solid
26.the way we remove energy from particles
28.level of energy solid particles have

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