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1 2 3 4
  5   6            
    11 12  
13     14              
16 17        
18     19               20  
21 22                      

5.This enzyme found in the stomach works best in an acidic environment
7.The type of metabolism that breaks up larger molecules into smaller molecules
8.The "best" temperature or pH for a particular enzyme is called its _______________
9.The region of the enzyme that matches the shape of the substrate (2 Words)
10.The molecule or molecules an enzyme works on
13.When an enzyme's active site has become distorted, the enzymes is said to be ____________
19.The __________________________ model of an enzyme matches the substrate and the enzyme perfectly (3 Words)
22.The type of metabolism that occurs when smaller molecules are joined together to make a larger one
23.The enzyme ___________ breaks down fats to fatty acids and glycerol
24.The type of organic molecule enzymes are
1.Any substance that speeds up a chemical reaction
2.Excessive ____________ can denature an enzyme
3.Enzymes can be destroyed by lowering the pH with an excess amount of __________
4.The shape of an enzymes is ________________________ to the shape of the substrate
5.The measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution
6.These are a class of enzymes that can break down proteins
11.All the chemical reactions occuring in living organisms
12.When the substrate concentration is said to be high, the active sites of enzymes become ____________
14.The official ending of most enzyme names
15.End result of an enzymatic reaction
16.Enzyme which breaks down starch to maltose
17._____________ like cyanide and arsenic can prevent enzymes from working as they should
18.The enzyme trypsin found in the duodenum works best in an _________________ environment
20.An organic catalyst
21.When someone is ill, a high ___________ can change the shape of many enzymes, interfering with their work
23.______________ is to key as enzyme is to substrate

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