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Morena Stela S. Basilio

1 2 3 4
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  30   31            
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34   35 36           37    
  42 43       44         45
48                 49        

8.Two opposed ideas, one of which expresses perfection.
9.Bear mutual relation, one cannot be understood without the other.
11.Leads to the knowledge of something else.
12._____ apprehension is the act by which the intellect grasps the essence of same things.
13.Framework for all knowledge.
14._____ logic, concerned with truth of the material content.
17.Greek word which means love.
18.Invitation of Philosophy: Dare to know the _____.
20._____ definition, gives the origin of the word.
24.Set of things to which the term refers also known as extension.
25.Definition should not be _____. It should not use the defined term as a part of its definition.
26.Something that has existential actuality whether positive or negative.
28."Saccharide: sugar", is an example of.
29.Terms that can co-exist in a subject.
30.It is a pure idea expressed in words.
32."Love is a sweet misery", is an example of what kind of definition.
36.A kind of argument that can be considered valid or invalid.
38.Property of deductive argument.
39._____ reason, a method in inquiring about the nature of things.
40.Inferential thinking composed of conclusion and premise/s.
41.Mediation of other ideas.
43.Definition should not be needlessly _____.
46.Greek word which means wisdom.
47.Furnishes the mode of the origin of a thing.
48.Carries only one meaning.
49.If we define "bachelor" as "unmarried male", we gave a definition that is too _____.
50.Study of morality of human act.
1._____ science, considers the totality of reality and the basic causes of all beings.
2.Is a mental act that proceeds from the previously known truth to a new truth.
3.Mental sign whereby we grasp the essence of a thing.
4.Represents a single person, even or object.
5.Study of correct reasoning.
6.Natural result of knowing not only the facts but also their causes.
7.Group of characteristics essential to a term.
10.Verbal manifestation of an idea.
13.The term Philosophy was invented by _____.
15.A kind of definition that explains a thing by giving characteristics that are connected with it.
16.Method employed in logic is _____.
19._____ logic also called Symbolic logic.
21._____ definition, indicates the meaning of a term by showing the object.
22.Carries different meanings.
23.(Definition by property) gives the natural characteristics of a thing.
27.Is the power to perform certain actions.
31.Perceived through the senses.
33._____ argument is generally future - oriented.
34."A woman is a married mother", a definition that is too _____.
35.Is mental operation that pronounces the identity or non-identity between two ideas.
37.Direct perception of things.
42._____ definition expresses what the name means, not what the thing is.
44.Branch of Philosophy that deals with God.
45.Lover of _____. The superior type of man.
46.Philosophy, in its real definition, is the _____ of all things or which means to know.

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