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Professions and occupations

Carlos Coreas

This puzzle will help you to identify the name of occupations and proffessions.

1 2
  5 6         7
9                       10
11             12    

4.This person builds bridges, buildings or houses
5.This person helps whenever you have a legal problem, sometimes he could defend you in a court
8.The head cook of a restaurant
9.This person takes care of mental deseases or problems.
11.This person is responsable for surgeries in hospitals
13.He or she is a children´s doctor
14.This person flies planes
15.He or she is in charge of curing animals
1.He or she works in an office to keep records, files, reports, etc.
2.He or she does somebody elses hair
3.He serves the food in a restaurant
6.This person is responsable of the finances of a place
7.This person takes phorograph of nature or events
10.This person protects others in the streets or places
12.It is the doctor´s assistant; this person takes care of patientes

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