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Val & Eric

Val Nixon

Only you and I would know most of these words and where they'd fit. It's a love thing.

  2 3
  4         5    
7   8                       9     10
      11               12      
      14               15 16          
    17           18   19  
  21                     22  
24           25       26        
28       29        
    30                   31       32  

1."I must be..."
4.Eric's toes.
7.People at AHS hated @partyboii_ because of what hashtag trend?
9.When we camp, we'll eat..
11.Our very first pet we shared.
12.What Val threatened to do to Eric when they first met.
15.Eric wants to touch..
17.How will Val get Eric into her room?
18.Autocorrect gave us this nickname.
20.How did Val know where Eric was hiding?
21.The kid got lost and the cop took him to a dark place in.. (2 Words)
23.Who's behind you?
24.What we will name our first kitty.
26.What we'll name our son.
28.What does Val eat?
30.A traditional food/dessert in our relationship (2 Words)
31.In the cave, Eric ___ to hear it echo.
33."I'm coming!" (2 Words)
34.Val's favorite dragon.
1."....over there!" (Quack) (2 Words)
2.what we'll give our kids on "those kind of nights" ;) (2 Words)
3.People at AHS hated @partyboii_ because of
5.What Eric was threatened with.
6.Hitler. Dragon. Eleven.
8.What we'll "name" our kid. (Not really or I'll shoot someone)
10."Your other.."
13.Our first husky's name.
16.Eric will always love you : written in what kind of box?
19.Val's toes.
22."Are you still with Eric? How are you and eriiiic?"
25.Where we went on our first date as a couple.
27.Our first daughter.
29.Who knows Eric's name?
32.Who is Val's baby boy?

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