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Chapter 11 North and South Take Different Paths

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  6                   7            
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      18 19                    
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1.A toll road
6.Laws that controlled every aspect of a slave's life, and treated them not as people, but as things
7.Country that saw a great famine in the year 1845. A fungus destroyed the country's potato crop, causing nearly one million people to starve to death, and another million to immigrate elsewhere
10.Successful canal that allowed products from the Midwest to be shipped down the Hudson River to New York City
12.Roads made of sawed-off logs, laid side by side
14.Persuaded Congress to adopt the Missouri Compromise
16.Widespread starvation
17.A channel that is dug across land and filled with water
19.A device that used electrical signals to send messages quickly over long distances
21.Change that saw many hand tools be replaced by machines. Power that was once provided by people and horses were replaced with flowing water and later by steam engines
23.Used a steam engine to power a boat (The Clermont)
24.A political party that eventually developed from a secret group of Nativists
25.People who invest capital, or money, in a business to earn a profit
26.The first newspaper owned and operated by African-Americans
27.Rapid manufacture of large numbers of identical products
28.Religious folk songs that blended biblical themes with the realities of slavery
2.People who wanted to preserve America for white, American-born Protestants
3.Leader of the most famous slave revolt in which roughly 60 white men were killed
4.Permitted Maine to enter the country as a Free State and Missouri as a Slave State, thus preserving the balance of Free and Slave states in America.
5.Brought workers and machinery together in one place by requiring workers to go to factories and begin and end work at specific hours of the day.
8.Invented to the telegraph (and Morse Code)
9.A young apprentice who memorized the secrets of Britain's textile machines and immigrated to the United States, thus beginning America's Industrial Revolution
11.Invented the mechanical reaper, which made it easier to cut stalks of wheat
13.Identical pieces that could be assembled quickly by unskilled workers
15.The growth of cities due to movement of people from rural areas to cities in search of work
18.Denial of equal rights or equal treatment to certain groups of people
20.Inventor of the Cotton Gin
22.The Industrial Revolution began in this country first, then made it's way to America

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