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Male Anatomy

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1.The pouch of skin below the penis that holds the testicles.
4.The male cell that is passed into the female through sexual intercourse and is capable of fertilizing a female egg.
5.The reproductive organs.
6.A gland near the bladder that produces a fluid that is mixed with semen during an ejaculation.
8.Hair that is on or near the genitals (two words).
11.The tube that carries sperm fro the testes to the penis (two words).
12.The male organ which is inserted into the female's vagina during sexual intercourse. In humans, the penis is also the organ through which urine passes.
2.A male hormone produced in the testes.
3.The canal through which urine is discharged from the bladder.
6.The period during which boys and girls experience the physical changes of growing up.
7.The body part where urine is collected.
9.The opening through which solid wastes pass.
10.The enlarging and hardening of the penis.

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