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vocabulary unit 1 - 4

catalina benavides

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4.a spanish professor in the gene expression laboratory
7.a device such as saw used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work
10.to involve onself or become ocuppied
11.matter that has come from a once living organism
12.is the occupation by water areas that are usually free of this,
16.any of various similar shrubs or trees
17.of , relatin to , or affecting the body
20.a thorough cleaning or ordering
21.treat whith affection and tenderness
24.Set all things in the world and humanity.
25.to compose constitute
27.treat with excessive indulgence
29.activity when people grow up fish under controllled conditions
30.is constituted by the amount and frequency of rainfall, humidity, temperature, winds, etc..
32.soft, gelatinous tissue that fills bone cavities
33.a group or lanyer of cells that perform specific funtions .
35.refers to the huge material losses and human lives
37.a matter of comcern
39.is the novel or original observation of some aspect of reality,
40.to set off ; initiatle
41.stories or recitals of events or happening
1.to carry of by force
2.It is the transformation that the environment suffers by reason of changes in temperature,
3.It is a connective tissue fluid flowing through capillaries, veins and arteries of all vertebrates
5.grow a new or continue growth after an injury or interruption
6.cells that can divide though mitosis and diferent into diverse specialized cells types
8.a process of cure , the restoration of injured tissue
9.is a kind of self-hominid primate in tropical Africa
13.is a grouping of various tissues forming a structural unit responsible for compliance with a particular function
14.tending to replace ( a lot of or damaged organ or part ) by formation of new tissue
15.a small low bed for a baby
18.a person from whom one is descense
19.market by or resulting in radical change
22.the joints connecting the fingers to the hand
23.It is a fantastic and ethereal creature
26.covering a wide range
28.harmed , injured or spoiled
31.to devolp a characyeristic by evolutionary processes
34.to offer for consideration or action ; propose
36.those beings are mentioned in Biblical texts known as "Hell".
38.is the physical and material structure of the human being

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