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2 3  
  4 5                
7               8

5.Unfavavorble opinion or regard; disapporval.
6.Mental or bodily distruss.
7.The paw of an animals foreleg.
11.To spell something incorrectly.
12.A word part added to the beginning of a word or root to change the meaning.
13.To enclose in or as if in a case.
1.Used, done, or built inside.
2.To cook (food) partly or completely beforehad, so that it may be cooked or warmed and saed quickly at a later time.
3.Happening, appearing, or done to soon as in premature baby or apremature decisin.
4.A prelimimary test given to determine whether students are sufficiently prepared for a more adanced corse of studies.
5.A feeling of not likeing.
8.To make hot, red, o swolle usually as the result of an infection or injury.
9.Lose somethig for a short time because you cannot remember where you put it.
10.Have or express a different opinion from someone.
12.A showing as of art to which a selected audience is invited before public presentatin.
13.To get plesure from doing something.

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