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food & traveling

Patrick Nieuwenhuyzen

The title says it all.

1 2 3
4     5       6            
7         8        
  10 11         12                      
    14         15 16                    
    18   19                      
20   21      
        23 24       25     26        
      28           29           30
  35       36     37 38
39                 40              
    41             42      
  43           44         45          
    46   47              
      48           49  
50           51                
53   54            
56         57            

5.a potato dish named after a country
7.a plant with aromatic leaves and stems that taste like liquorice, fennel or tarragon
8.large source of proteine
11."all up in my..."
12.small bites of food served at cocktail parties
13.type of pasta dumplings
14.what needs to be added to the food
16.a spicy condiment made from the root of a plant in the mustard family
17.utensil for cooking food
19.tv personality and chef
22.a form of starch derived from the root of a plant that grows in tropical region
24.place to cut or chop meat
28.terrible tasting salad with eggs in it
31.a type of nut similar to filberts
32.a common type of colored root, found in many dishes
34.place to enjoy food
36.natural pan drippings from roasted meat or poultry
39.a dessert made from deep-fried choux pastry
40.cold product made mostly of milk
41.Popeye's green power source
43.a dairy product that is composed of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk
44.a type of pasta is shaped like long, flat ribbons
46.a cut of meat that has been sometimes taken from the leg section of veal, pork or lamb, sliced thinly
48.the bottom of any plant or tree
50.Mediterranean dish of marinated meat grilled or broiled on a skewer
51.traditional junkfood
52.fruit notable for the small, spiny "horns" that dot its bright orange and yellow skin.
54.usually the starter of a meal
56.method of transportation
57.place to prepare food
1.a culinary herb commonly used in Italian and Asian cuisine
2.not spoiled
3.the international recognition a restaurant can earn
4.traditional dish in Schotland
6.a place to socialize
9.exotic asian fruit that smells
10.a clear, flavorful broth made by simmering meat
15.utensil for soup
18.very large city
20.a recipe prepared with squid, usually battered and deep-fried.
21.a cup with several balls of icecream
23.on the right side of your plate
25.a form of table salt
26.Mcdonald's flagship
27.the process of massaging dough with your hands
29.what Michael Schumacher did when he had his accident
33.made of meat byproduct
35.Italian version of ice cream
37.other word for spoil
38.a form of bread
39.a traditional indonesian food
42.small to medium chili peppers
45.a culinary preparation made by blending eggs with milk or cream
47.main ingredient for soup and spaghetti sauce, and pizza
49.place to embark on a trip
50.utensil used to slice through food
53.the other cow product
55.japanese dish made from the insides of a sea urchin

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