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1 2
3 4 5              
  11                           12
13   14        

5.type of warfare used by the Vietcong; hit and run type tactic
6.jellied gasoline; used to burn large areas of vegetation to root out the enemy
8.supposed to be the last major attempt by the North Vietnamese to win in South Vietnam but the American media portrayed it in a way that made Americans think we could not win
9.winner of the 1968 presidential election
11.process of turning over the fighting to the Vietnamese while gradually withdrawing American troops
15.a large portion of those drafted came from these groups as well as working class whites
16.group of Americans most vocal in opposition to Vietnam
17.to increase; such as President Johnson did with our involvement in Vietnam
18.College where confrontation between students and the National Guard turned deadly
19.Nixon's decision to invade this country sparked new protests
20.the president's brother who was also assassinated while he campaigned for president
1.Passed by Congress, this gave the president the authority to do whatever he felt necessary to prevent Vietnam from becoming communist
2.former capital of South Vietnam this was the last major city to fall to the Communists
3.South Vietnamese communist sympathizers
4.nickname given to Vietnamese prisoner of war camp where many Americans were held
7.secret government documents released to the public which proved the government had not been honest about Vietnam
10.limits the amount of time the President can commit troops without Congressional approval
12.nickname given to those opposed to the war
13.idea that if South Vietnam fell to communism, the rest of Southeast Asia would follow
14.city where major rioting broke out during the Democratic National Convention in 1968

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