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Tissues: Groups of Specialized Cells


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1.muscle that cannot be commanded at will
3.tough tissue that holds bone together
8.tissue that binds the skin to the tissues inside the body and holds the organs in place
12.nerve cells
13.tissue which binds, supports, and connects the body
14.constant internal environment
15.blood cells which fight off disease and infection
16.a chemical made by white blood cells
19.the process of becoming different that cells must undergo in order to develop into tissues
22.muscle that is controlled voluntarily
24.rigid tissue that supports the body
28.is responsible for maintaining body temperature and carrying substances to and away from cells
29.skeletal muscle that appears striped under the microscope
30.muscle found in the walls of organs
31.parts of the white blood cells which helps blood to clot
32.tissue that makes movement possible with the ability to contract
2.allowing some materials to pass through a membrane but keeping out other material
4.cells that contain a central nucleus
5.the liquid part of blood
6.strong material that connects bone to tissue
7.strong tissue which covers the skeleton and makes up most of the muscles in the bosy
9.spaces inside the body'd respiratory and digestive systems
10.lines the outer layers of skin and inner cavities of the body
11.groups of organs which work together to carry out bodily functions
17.the muscle tissue of the heart
18.tissue which responds to stimuli and sends messages throughout the entire body
20.a group of tissues that work together
21.cells responsible for the transport of oxygen to the body's cells
23.soft, spongy materials inside bones which produces red blood cells
25.tough, flexible connective tissue
26.groups of cells that have similar functions in the body
27.a protein in red blood cells that allow them to carry oxygen

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