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Lauren and Harshal: A Primer

Boots Wambold

How well do you know the bride and groom? I've spent many hours studying these two, learning when they'll drop food, scratch my itches, and let me bark at passerby. In the process, I learned a little about them too. Do you know them better than me? Let's find out...

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1.Georgetown Bulldog
4.Harshal's favorite musical artist
11.Lauren's tribe at summer camp
13.Sajan's favorite hockey team
14.Harshal's dog
16.City where Harshal lived after college
17.Lauren's high school sport
21.UT mascot's given name
22.City where both Lauren and Harshal lived in 1997
24.Grishm's age
25.Harshal's fratastic nickname
26.Color of Harshal's beautiful peepers
2.Lauren's annual birthday tradition
3.Best rapper alive
5.Harshal's favorite Premier League club
6.Lauren's high school nickname
7.Lauren's high school mascot
8.Harshal's pick for 1988 presidential race
9.Best city on Earth
10.Lauren's age when Harshal graduated high school
11.Vanderbilt mascot's rank
12.Harshal's first job was with this big box retailer
15.Harshal's high school sport
18.University of Chicago stereotype
19.Lauren's dog, or a popular Austin shoe choice
20.Harshal's steak of choice
23.Location of Lauren and Harshal's first date

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