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1 2
3                           4 5
6                       7            
10     11           12        
  13   14      
          16         17

3.What was first printed in The Times in 1860 (7,8)
6.What town was this advert filmed in (11)
7.What is this magnified image (7)
9.What tv programme is this man remembered for (4,4)
11.This is the music to what film (3,5,3)
16.What is the make of the product being advertised (6)
18.What is this magnified image of (4,3,6)
19.What is the title of this painting (3,3,4)
20.What company was this advertising (2)
1.This is a magnified picture of what type of fruit (6)
2.Fill in the missing parts of this quote (2,4,2,4,2,3)
4.The names of the 3 tunnels in the great escape (3,4,5)
5.What was this advertising (6,5)
8.An anagram of riled (5)
10.What was the book the man was holding (8,3)
12.What heroic character is hidden in this puzzle (5,4)
13.What radio programme was this the music to (3,2,3,4)
14.What radio show was this the theme music to (4,6)
15.How would you interpret this image (2,6,3)
17.What part of the body is this (6)

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