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4th Sunday of Lent

Catholics United for the Faith

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3.After he was healed, the man "________" Jesus.
4."The LORD is my _____; I shall not want." Ps 23
6.Samuel anointed this one.
9.Today's Gospel writer.
10."The man called Jesus made clay and _____ my eyes"
12.Today's first reading is from this book.
14.Jesus said "While I am in the world, I am the _____ of the world."
16.This Sunday is also called _______ Sunday. (Latin)
18."I shall dwell in the _____ of the LORD for years to come." Ps 23
19.Jesus smeared this on the man's eyes.
20."'Go wash in the Pool of Siloam'-which means ____-."
1.Jesus asked him "Do you believe in the ___ __ ___?" (Three words)
2.Jesse and David were from here.
5."Try to learn what is ______ to the Lord."
7."Take no part in the fruitless works of ______;"
8.The LORD told Samuel to fill his ____ with oil.
11.Jesus healed a man born _____.
13."You anoint my head with ___; my cup overflows." Ps 23
15."You spread the _____ before me in the sight of my foes;" Ps 23
17.Vestment color today.

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