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Supernatural Episode 1.11

by Holliewood Hollie

Words,Names & Phrases from Supernatural Episode 1.11 - Scarecrow

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3.Who did Meg take a ride from while hitch-hiking, according to Sam ?(3 words)
7.Holly & Vince (last name)
9.Who does Dean say is "fugly"?
10.Where does the couple's car break down in front of?
13.What does Dean have to destroy to kill the "scarecrow god"? (2 words)
16.Dean suspects that the scarecrow is what kind of god?
17.Dean says that Sam is his "trusty sidekick ____ ___" who does all the research
19.What city's area code does Sam say that John called from?
1.Pagans believed all sorts of things were infused with ____.
2.Name of the town in Indiana that the couples go missing from.
3.According to Stacy, What is "Giving up something you love for the greater good."?
4.What fruit is grown in the orchard?
5.DEAN: "I hope your ____ ____ is freakin’ worth it!"
6.Who knocked Dean out as he walked out of the classroom?
8.What does John give Dean that he writes down?
11.What is the distinguishing feature that Emily notices on Vince's arm?
12.Dean told Scotty his name was ____ ____.
14.Who gets thrown in the cellar with Dean
15.Who does Sam meet on the highway and bus station?
18.Norse gods of protection and prosperity, keeping the local settlements safe from harm.

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