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MS Word 2010

1 2         3         4
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2.elements that may be saved and reused to save time (2 Words)
6.tool to view all Quick Parts (3 Words)
8.inserted object that doesn't change when the original object is changed (2 Words)
13.lines on the monitor to identify cells on soft copy only tables, not on hard copy. (2 Words)
14.trimming away parts off of a picture
15.visual representation of info quickly, easily created by choosing from different layouts to communicate relationships, lists and processes
17.typically a graphic (logo, words such as Confidential) grayed out faintly in the background
18.any object in a Word document except text
19.part of a screen view inserted into a document
1.vertical columns and rows that organize information
3.contextual tab that appears when a picture is selected; houses groups of commands for enhancing pictures (4 Words)
4.graphical representation of text
5.allows graphics to be ungrouped so portions can be altered and the graphic shared between MS applications. (3 Words)
9.special area used for inserting shapes, connectors, other graphics (2 Words)
10.lines that display and print around cells (2 Words)
11.vertical divisions on a page as in newspapers and magazines
12.inserted object that uses a hyperlink so the linked object changes when the original is changed (2 Words)
16.collection of illustrations, photos, audio/video files that can be inserted in a document (2 Words)

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