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Use the clues to work out the different terms used in Aviation

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1.This is the IATA three letter code for London Heathrow airport
6.This is the letter 'M' phonetically
7.This is the second part of the name of Virgin's main airline
11.You may need to walk down one of these to board your flight at an airport
15.This is an example of a 'Low Cost' airline
16.Beginning with the letter 'B' this is an example of a class of travel
17.This 'F' is the price you pay for a flight
18.LGW is the IATA three letter code for this airport
20.This is where passengers go to receive a boarding card for their flight
23.This is another word for Tax and is what is not paid at the shops on the 'Airside' of an airport
24.This is the letter 'U' phonetically
25.This is where you are called to at an airport, to wait for and board your flight
2.This describes the baggage you take on board the aircraft with you. It's also at the end of your arm!
3.The word used to describe 'getting onto' an aircraft
4.Beginning with the letter 'D', this word means 'getting off' an aircraft
5.Manchester airport has three of these
7.Only airport personnel and passengers are allowed in this part of the airport
8.This is the name given to people who staff the plane and serve passengers
9.Beginning with the letter 'L', Business and First Class passengers may use one of these at an airport
10.Aircraft take on and land on this at an airport
12.This 'D' is what a flight is if it doesn't stop anywhere on the way to your destination
13.Beginning with the the letter 'S', this is another name for 'Timetable'
14.This is what you must pass through when departing from an airport, to get from Landside to Airside
19.This is the only class of travel offered by low cost airlines
21.Abbreviations, usually two or three letters, used by IATA for names of Airports, Cities, Airlines etc
22.Beginning with the letter 'S' this is the name for work involving anti-social hours, and is quite normal for airport workers and Cabin Crew

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