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Book 5, Unit 3 - Car Parts Test Review

Amanda Davis

Words related to car parts and car accidents for a test review

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3.the gas pedal of a car used to increase speed
6.a compartment usually located at the back of the car that is used for storage
7.injuires done to your body or someone else's body from an accident (2 Words)
9.a control panel in the front of the car
10.the front-most or rear-most part of the car that is used to protect the car from damage
11.a person you take your car to in order to have it fixed
13.a fluid used for cleaning the windshield while the car is being driven (2 Words)
16.a belt or strap used to secure someone and prevent injury (2 Words)
17.a different rout used to avoid something
18.to fix something
1.the light that is located on the back of the car
2.damage done to something you own from an accident (2 Words)
4.a person walking along a road
5.the window at the front of the car
8.the fluid that is used to help parts move smoothly
12.a liquid used to help keep the engine from overheating
14.where you put your key to start the car
15.the cover over the engine usually located at the front of the car

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