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Anatomy of the Hand

Mrs. Thompson

1 2
3 4                    
5           6                    
8                 9  
12 13                    
14   15   16    

4.The wrist bone that "has something to do with the number three"
5.The wrist bone that is "good on a sandwich"
6.The technical term for a fingerprint.
8.The wrist bone that "someone might 'pee' from"
11.The wrist bone that "you'd find swinging in a circus"
13.The scientific name for the back of your hand
17.Approximate number of bones in the hand
18.Latin for "row of soldiers."
1.The hand from ancient times has been a symbol for this
2.The ability to bring the 3rd and 4th fingers across the palm to meet the thumb
3.One of the two primary functions of a fingerprint.
7.The wrist bone that "is a plane shape"
9.The palm
10.Describes the ability of the thumb to move into a position opposite to your other four fingers.
12.The wrist bone that "describes when someone gets to KEEP his head"
14.The wrist bone that "you'd use to brace something while you build it"
15.The wrist bone that "you'd find on the moon"
16.The part of your hand that gives fingers the gift of movement.

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