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1 2                                           3  
4             5     6  
      7 8              

1.An organization, led by Nelson Mandela, that launched a campaign to protest apartheid in South Africa.
4.A term, usually associated with India, that placed an emphasis on religious rather than national identity.
8.Revival of Muslim traditions through the reassertion of Islamic values into Muslim politics and the resentment of European and American societies.
11."Blackness," a term coined by early African nationalists as a means of celebrating the heritage of black peoples around the world.
12.Conference in Indonesia (1955) at which twenty-nine nonaligned nations met.
13."Shirtless ones," Argentine poor who supported Juan and Eva Peron.
14.Jewish nationalism in response to European anti-Semitism.
15.Association of workers with the aim of protecting workers' interests.
17.Process beginning in the late 1920s by which Stalin forced the Russian peasants off their own land and onto huge collective farms run by the state; millions died in the process.
18.British declaration from 1917 that supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
2.The Algerian organization that fought a bloody guerilla war for freedom against France.
3.Political and economic theory of social organization based on the collective ownership of the means of production; its origins were in the early nineteenth century, and it differs from communism by a desire for slow or moderate change compared to the communist call for revolution.
5.Retreat of Chinese Communist Party (1934-1935) after the Nationalist Party turns on them following their combined Northern Expedition to reunify China.
6.African kingdom founded in the thirteenth century by Sundiata; it reached its peak during the reign of Mansa Musa.
7.Movement (1899-1900) in which local militias attacked foreigners and Chinese Christians. Eventually put down by European and Japanese troops.
9.Economic doctrine that unrestricted trade is ideal since the forces of supply and demand will ensure that the best product is available at the best price.
10.Process by which former colonies achieved their independence, as with the newly emerging African nations in the 1950s and 1960s.
16.Indian troops who served the British.

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