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Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table

T.Allen, K. Barrett, J.Brooks, K.Brown

13 across, 12 down

1 2                   3 4
5 6       7     8                
9           10     11          
      12         13    
  17               18 19  

2.The Line of _____________ is used to separate metals from non-metals
6.The mass number of this element is 28
8.Ions and elements make up these
9.Fifth Element in the Periodic Table
10.Example of an element
12.Atoms having the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons
15.Consist of two or more atoms
17.Element with electrical configuration
22.This diatomic molecule has a pale yellow-green colour
23.The positive central core of an atom
24.A pure substance that is made up of only one type of atom
25.The electrons in the atoms are arranged around the nucleus in areas called _______________
1.Non-metals gain electrons to form _______________
3.Elements found on the left of the periodic table
4.The chemical opposite of an acid
5.Vertical block of elements having the same number of valence electrons and same chemical reactions
7.Has an E.C. of
11.Element having both metallic and non metallic properties
13.Horizontal blocks of elements having same number of occupied shells
14.The relative charge of this subatomic particle is -1
16.Molecules and elements make up these
18.Henry ___________ finalized the Periodic Table
19.Metal with E.C. of 2.8.1
20.Atoms are the building blocks of this
21.Found in the nucleus

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