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Oceans animals

William G

Animal in the ocean biome

2 3          
  5 6            
7         8        

3.one of the only predators of jellyfish
4.you've probably seen it in Nemo its what they live in
5.a beautiful sight to see at the sea and starts with "D"
7.often seen on the edge of the shore and will pinch your toes if you don't see it
8.a predator to almost all animals in the sea
10.Has big fin on both top and bottom starts with the letter "S"
1.doesn't fly but sure can jump high starts with "F"
2.you have arachnophobia well now its under water
6.can change sizes and great camouflage ends with the letter "S"
8.can grow to 20ft and starts with "S"
9.A popular fish that people eat begins with "T"

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