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Kayla B.

Ecosystem Exploration crossword puzzle- words and definitions

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17       18 19 20              

1.Throw back from a surface
5.Power needed to grow, move, and live
6.Large mound of sand built up by the wind
10.Color or pattern used by an animal or insect to blend into the backround
13.Threatened with dying out
14.Mate and produce young
15.Supply water to land
16.Underground part of a plant that is short, thick, and round
17.Poison made by some animals
20.Something of a value that can be used
21.Place where a plant or animal lives
22.Increase in Earth's temperature, caused by chemicals in the air that the Sun's heat
2.Series of living things that provide food for each other
3.Substance formed in the ground that is often valuable to people
4.Thin tube that carries blood around the body
7.Unlike anything else
8.Likely to become endangered unless the situation improves
9.Land turning into desert
11.Eat grass and other green plants
12.Change in order to survive in a particular place
18.Digging deep into the ground to search for substances such as salt, gemstones, and oil
19.Take in or soak up

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