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Environmental Sustainability

Ms. Winter

Biosphere, Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Ecology, Wetlands, Earth science, Permaculture, Green building, Urban planning, Human impact, Ethical consumerism, Climate change, Carbon footprint, Sustainable development, Social equity, Consumption, Population control, Pollution, Reduce reuse recycle, Ecodesign, Waste hierarchy, Environmental management, Clean energy, Solar power, Carrying capacity, Land use, Desalination, Geothermal energy, Renewable energy, Biofuels

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1.energy derived from natural resources: the Sun, wind, rain, tides and heat in the interior of the Earth (2 Words)
5.the use of a resource
7.a type of science concerned primarily with the Earth and its atmosphere (2 Words)
8.a design strategy that considers the full potential environmental impact of a new product during its lifecycle
9.the maximum population of a species that a given environment can support indefinitely with consideration to the water, food, habitat and other resources available in that environment (2 Words)
10.the study of ecosystems and changes in the environment
14.development and use of resources that fulfils human needs responsibly, so that the environment is preserved and such needs can be met both now and in the future (2 Words)
15.significant and long-term changes to the Earth’s climate, more specifically its weather patterns, over decades and millennia; types of changes include volcanic activity and global warming (2 Words)
18.the design, development and engineering of sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems and architecture
19.the practice of creating and using environmentally responsible, sustainable and efficient processes throughout a building’s lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and renovation, all the way to demolition (2 Words)
20.energy that meets the needs of the present while not adversely affecting the ability of future generations to also meet their needs (2 Words)
24.a three-tiered approach to waste management that aims to reduce landfill and save water and energy (3 Words)
25.the total carbon emitted by a particular individual, organisation or group due to their consumption of fossil fuels (2 Words)
28.a substance or object with toxic or harmful effects that is present or introduced into an environment and causes adverse changes
29.a community of the living and non-living environmental factors of an area, and their interactions with one another and the environment
30.a water-saturated land area, such as a marsh or swamp
2.the management of interactions between human societies and the environment (2 Words)
3.the practice of buying products that the consumer believes are produced and distributed ethically; usually this includes the purchase of items that are considered fair-trade, cruelty-free, vegan, recycled, locally made or organic examples include the purchase of free-range eggs rather than cage eggs, or fair-trade coffee rather than regular coffee, and the avoidance of conflict diamonds (2 Words)
4.the degree of variation between life forms on the Earth, or in a given habitat, ecosystem or biome
6.government programs aimed at controlling growth in a population, whether plant, animal or human (2 Words)
11.when all people in a given society are considered to have the same status in various ways, usually including fair and equal treatment under the law, freedom of speech, the right to vote, the right to own property, and so on (2 Words)
12.the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle (2 Words)
13.energy created by the heat stored in the interior of the Earth (2 Words)
16.a process used to remove salt and other minerals from salt water, usually for the purpose of obtaining fresh water suitable for drinking and other human uses
17.the impact and effect of human activity on the environment and resources; such as pollution and extinction of other species (2 Words)
21.modification of the natural environment of land due to human use; for example building, planting crops, and so on (2 Words)
22.power that is obtained by utilising the energy of the Sun (2 Words)
23.architecture and design that primarily deals with the planning, use and organisation of urban spaces, such as those in land developments, settlements and public transport networks (2 Words)
26.the part of the Earth that is populated by organisms
27.renewable energy resources derived from living matter, such as waste animal and plant matter and algae

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