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All About Clothes!

K. Blackwood

My kids are learning different pieces of clothes so I thought I'd put some of their vocabulary words in a puzzle for them.

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27                     28

1.fabric made from worms
4.not casual
6.you put them on your feet first
8.one color
9.pants made from denim
11.helps keep your pants up
12.to put on clothes
16.something you wear under your shirt
18.not formal
20.you wear them on your feet
22.women wear it on their faces
24.what an animal has, not skin
25.used with clothing (like purses or bracelets)
27.worn around your neck
29.a type of fabric
30.women wear these (not skirts)
31.very fashionable or cool
2.a companies picture
3.used to tell time (on wrist)
5.a repeating striped pattern
7.a sheep's fur
10.worn in your ears
13.keeps the sun from hurting your eyes
14.shoes that make women taller
15.a brown-yellow colored pants
17.worn with suits
19.what you wear under your clothes
21.business men wear them to work
23.a product manufactured by a company
26.repeating lines (like prison clothes)
28.worn on fingers

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