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1   2            
3         4
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    12 13
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17               18            

1.______ Follwers are indepndent and play and active role in the unit
3.You should be _____ to the goals and to your leaders in an organization.
7.______ Followers are passive and often complain or criticize every little thing
8.Success depends on the _____
9.A team members confidence, commitment, and motivation to complete a mission or task
10.Belief in yourself and or your leader
15.______: Followers that stay in background and hope to not be noticed.
16.Know your _____ to help the team
17.Who is a follower
18.The knowledge and skills for the job or mission
19.A good follower will ________ to help
2.Attitudes and actions that help your leader and team succeed
4.Taking initiative
5.______ Followers go along with anything without thought or reasoning. Sheep
6.How prepared are you for the teams mission or goal
11.Following lawfull orders and requests of your leaders including teachers and cadet officers
12.A good follower will admit to ___________
13.Lead from the ______
14.A good follower will ________ their leaders in order to become a better leader

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