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Wonderful Game of Basketball

Corey Mackey

Rules and Regulations of Basketball

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4.team with ball
5.taking more than two steps before shooting or moving feet without dribbling
7.when both offensive and defensive players have position of ball at same time
9.on making calls and controling game
10.seconds allowed for offensive play to stay in lane
12.possessing ball or throwing ball while touching side or under basket lines
14.pussing off or running over player in legal guarding position
16.seconds required to advance ball from backcourt to frontcourt
17.intentionally making contact with ball with feet
18.penalty shot for being fouled
19.losing possession of ball to defensive team without ball been shot
1.touching ball after it has been shot and on downward motion or after making contact with backboard
2.making illegal contact or forcing off normal activities
3.seconds play is allow to maintain possession of ball while closely guarded
6.any shot made behind arc
8.any shot made inside arc that is not a penalty shot
11.feet to be in legal guarding position densive player must be within
13.team without ball
15.voilation once ball have entered into front and dribble or thrown in backcourt by offensive team

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