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Words for the internet

Paul Traynor

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1.Taking information from the Internet and putting it onto your device.
4.Letters or messages sent electronically to your online address.
5.To take information from your computer and put it on the Internet.
6.To be connected to another computer, a network or the Internet.
8.A device that is used to store a lot information.
12.To express your emotion using symbols from the keyboard e.g. :) =
15.A kind of computer that helps other computers (clients) use the Internet.
17.Invented in the 1960 and used to pass information electronically.
18.The name of a network linked to the Internet.
1.A machine that has been made for a special reason like a mobile phone.
2.A programme on your computer that performs specific action.
3.a problem with an application or a computer programme.
7.A place on the World Wide Web where you can get information.
9.The Main page of a website to welcome visitors.
10.The different size and types of writing.
11.A computer programme that is used to find something on the Internet.
13.A file sent by a WEB server that goes to users computer and sends back information about the user.
14.Looking around and exploring the Internet
16.A device that connects two computers together over a telephone line.

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