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1.if you buy a large amount you expect this (it's a percentage)
4.a good PA must be this (an adjective)
5.verb, synonym of hire
6.when a company moves its activity abroad
9.synonym of paradise for your teacher. lots of shops located in one large building
11.BritEng for a truck
12.the latest date by which something must be done
15.person who postulates for a job
18.expression which means you leave without paying the bill
22.noun, when the company has to get rid of staff for economic reasons
23.the ensemble of all the directors of a company
24.the centre of town, where all the commercial activity, pubs, restaurants are
25.the yen, the peso, are this
26.in France it is 130 kph
30.verb meaning you take someone somewhere in your car
31.when you pay the restaurant bill for everybody
32.verb, synonym for to improve, or move to the next level
33.AmEng for guarantee
2.the rate in france in 10%
3.synonym for competence
4.if I stop work before the age of 65
7.word which means the list of subjects to be discussed at a meeting
8.if you are in an accident you may be this
10.you have to ask your boss for this and you hope to get it every year
13.a way of buying. 3 Suisses, la Redoute .....
14.CGT, CFDT, FO in france
16.what you put on your salad, oil mixed with vinegar and mustard, etc
17.what you do when you arrive at the airport or at a hotel
19.a small knife which fits in your pocket
20.small computer I can carry around with me
21.the money you have at the Caisse D'Epargne, which you may need one day
27.a big road where you can drive fast
28.what you have when you're not working - time to do sport, reading, cinema, socialising
29.verb, synonym of dismiss, but for economic reasons of the company

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