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Johnny Painter

1 2
3             4 5  
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3.part of a circle that is smaller than a semicircle (2 words)
9.an angle whose vertex is on the circle and the sides are chords (2 words)
11.part of a circle that is larger than a semicircle (2 words)
12.point of a circle that is equidistant from any gicen point located on the circle (middle)
14.part of a circle
16.a line in a plane that intersects a circle at two points
18.two circles that have the same radii (2 words)
1.ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter
2.coplanar circles that have the same center (2 words)
4.an angle whose vertex is the center of the circle (2 words)congruent
5.segment whose endpoints are on a circle, but not necessarily through the center
6.an arc with endpoints on the sides of an inscribed angle (2 words)
7.distance around the outside of a circle; also represents the distance covered with one complete rotation
8.region of circle bounded by arc and the two radii to the arc's endpoints
10.half of a circle
13.segment from the center of the circle to any endpoint locatd on the circle
15.segment from one side of a circle to the other side (through the center)
17.line in a plane that intersects the circle in exactly one point

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