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  4 5   6 7
  8             9            
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1.inheriting or determining descent through male line
8.family takes the female name
10.female has authority of family
11.the union of a man and a women
12.married couple who settles in the females home or community
15.you must marry within your group
16.male has authority of the family
19.one spouse at a time
20.married couple who settles away from male and female community
21.more than one wife at a time
2.authority is equally shared between male and female
3.more than one husband at a time
4.family takes the male name
5.having or relating to two sides; affecting both sides
6.parents plus dependent children (immediate)
7.families consisting of children from previous marriages
9.inheriting or determining descent through female line
13.marry someone you have a lot in common with
14.married couple who settles in the males home or community
15.legal or biological relatives
17.you must marry outside of your group.
18.more than one spouse at a time

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