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The Roaring 20s - Quiz Review

Mr. G.

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1.The Stock Market was doing this in the 1920s.
7.Many African-Americans still encountered this after they moved north.
8.A disease that spreads quickly across many nations.
9.People wanted to get rich quick by putting money in this.
10.Owning a share of a company.
13.A famous music composer and band leader during the Harlem Renaissance.
15.A neighborhood in New York City that experienced a renaissance of arts, music, literature, and business in the 1920s.
2.The movement of millions of African-Americans from rural areas in the South to cities in the North.
3.He was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris.
4.Baseball homerun hitter that was loved by millions of American children.
5.In big cities, they took over the business of illegally selling alcohol during Prohibition.
6.The 1920s was known as the ___________ 20s because people wanted to have good times and forget about their problems.
11.Louis Armstrong played this instrument.
12.Women did this to the hair and dresses in the 1920s.
14.This type of music began in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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