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TT 26207 11-20

2                       3
4     5  

1.A type of cable tray consisting of two parallel channels (side rails) having a corrugated, ventilated bottom or a corrugated, solid bottom.
2.A method of supporting cable tray systems using supports secured directly to the wall.
4.A section of cable tray that branches off the main section in one direction.
6.A section of cable tray that branches off the main section in two other directions.
7.Structural frames used to support the piping that interconnects equipment in outdoor industrial facilities.
8.Devices used to make vertical offsets in cable tray.
1.A method of supporting cable tray using metal channel, such as unistrut(R), Kindorf(R), etc., supported by two threaded rods, and giving the appearance of a swing or trapeze.
3.A brand of metal channel used as the bottom bracket for hanging cable trays.
5.A type of cable tray that consists of two parallel channels connected by rungs, similar in appearance to the common straight ladder.
6.A flat piece of metal, fiberglass, or plastic designed to provide a solid covering that is needed in some locations where conductors in the tray system may be damaged.

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