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Photoshop CS6 Revealed, Chapter 4


  2 3            
  7       8  

1.A feature in which the border of a picture or portrait fades into the surrounding color at its edges.
3.A series of dotted lines indicating a selected area that can be edited or dragged into another image.
9.An anchor within the marquee. A small circle appears on the pointer when you have reached the starting point.
10.A feature that lets you protect or modify a particular area; created using a marquee.
11.Small boxes that appear along the perimeter of a selected object and are used to change the size of an image.
1.A feature that uses feathering to fade a marquee shape.
2.The range of pixels that determines which pixels will be selected. The lower the value, the closer the color is to the selection. The setting can have a value from 0
4.Combining images from sources such as other Photoshop images, royalty-free images, pictures taken from digital cameras, and scanned artwork.
5.Similar to tolerance, in that the lower the value, the closer the color pixels must be to be selected.
6.The temporary storage area provided by your operating system, for cut and copied data.
7.A command that removes the marquee from an area so it is no longer selected.
8.Horizontal and vertical lines that you create to help you align objects.

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