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Elements of Fiction: Literary Terms

Partners in Crime

Use your Mirrors and Windows Level V textbook to complete the puzzle. (pg 1-204)

1               2   3
4   5  
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  13 14                
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  21                           22      
        29 30

6.Act of creating or describing a character
7.Writing other than poetry and drama
9.The readon the author wrote that story or what he hoped to achieve by doing so (2 Words)
10.Person telling the story
11.A short account of an interesting, amusing or biographical incident
14.High point of interest or suspense
15.Consists of all events that follow the climax (2 Words)
16.Point of view told by someone who participates in or witnesses the action (2 Words)
20.The act of presenting hints to events that will occur later in a story
21.Something is known by the writer or audience but unknown to the characters (2 Words)
24.A thing that stands for or represents both itself and something else
26.Character says one thing but means another (2 Words)
27.The thoughts of only the narrator or a single character are revealed (4 Words)
31.Character or force in conflict with the main character
32.Central idea or perception about life that is evealed through a literary work
33.Writing that tells an invented or imaginary story
34.A long work of fiction
35.Sets the mood, introduces characters & setting, and provides background information
36.A brief statement of what you think the author wants you to know, think or feel after reading the text (2 Words)
2.The thoughts of all the characters are revealed (4 Words)
3.Version of language spoken by the people of a particular place, time or social group
4.A brief work of fiction (2 Words)
5.A type or category if literary composition
6.Individuals that take part in the action of a story
8.Vantage point from which the story is told (3 Words)
12.Main character in a literary work
13.The private thoughts and emotions of the narrator (2 Words)
16.Interrupts the chronological sequence of a litterary work and presents an event that occurred earlier
17.The time and place in which the story occurs
18.Event occurs that is contrary to what is expected by characters or the audience (4 Words)
19.Point of View in which the narrator stands outside the action and observes (2 Words)
22.Difference between appearance and reality
23.The emotion created in a reader by part or all of a story
25.Conflict is developed and intensified (2 Words)
28.Series of events related to a central conflict or struggle.
29.Conversation between two or more people
30.The Manner in which something is said or written

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