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Elements of Folk Literature: Literary Terms

Partners in Crime

Use your Mirrors and Windows Level V textbook to complete the puzzle. (pg739-872)

1 2       3
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2.Any element that occurs in one or more works of literature or art
5.the central point that the author develops with supporting details (2 Words)
8.A thing that stands for or represents both itself and something else
12.Brief descriptive phrases that emphasize an important characteristic of a person or thing
14.A work, an idea or a custom that is passed by word of mouth from generation to generation (2 Words)
16.An animal or shapeshifter that is often responsible for bringing important gifts to humanity
17.Religious songs from the African-American folk tradition
19.Figure of speech in which an idea, an animal or a thing is described as if it were a person
20.Very brief stories told to teach a moral lesson
21.The emotion created in the reader by all or part of a literary work
22.A story, character or theme that represents a familiar pattern repeated throughout literature and across cultures
23.Traditional stories, rootes in particular cultures that deal with gods and other supernatural beings as well as human heroes
25.To wander aimlessly
26.The time and place in which the story occurs
28.Impassive; not showing emotion
1.A larger than life character of great, even superhuman strength and courage, who undertakes a difficult quest. (2 Words)
3.Brief stories often with animal characters told to express a moral
4.Stories with roots in the distant past, often based on real events or characters from older times
6.Writer's intentional resuse of a sound, word, phrase or sentence
7.Literary work that closely imitates the style of another work for humorous purposes
9.Series of events related to a central conflict or struggle
10.A body of cultural knowledge and beliefs passed from one generation to the next, both orally and in writing (2 Words)
11.Excessive love of oneself
13.Folk tales that are often lighthearted or humorous and contain highly exaggerated elements (2 Words)
15.Traditional or composed songs typically made up of stanzas, a refrain and a simple (2 Words)
18.Stories that deal with mischievous spirits and other supernatural occurrences, often in medieval setting (2 Words)
22.Refers to a well-known person, event, object, or work from history or literature
24.Someone who wants to bring about vengeance
27.A long story, often told in verse, involving heroes and gods

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