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April 1st

Olivia Buckner

1 2  
  3   4   5 6        
7 8               9 10      
    13     14    
15     16     17
  19     20      
22                         23 24  
  26                       27
28   29                   30              
    31           32   33       34  
  35 36            
37                 38   39     40
  42 43                  
44                   45    

3.Ballet Skirt
7.Southern Most Point in USA
10.California Wine Country
11.A Power Surge
12.Absorbed From Sun
13.People With Celiac's Disease Can't Eat What?
15.To be in favor of
18.Lemon Flavored Drink
20.A Young Cow's Meat
21.Very Confident
22.A popular place to gamble
25.Source of Potassium
26.A Childhood disease
28.The Christian holiday Easter, is the celebration of what?
30.French Pastry
31.Irish Beer
33.To Loathe
36.Vegetable Fat
37.The Opposite of the Basement
38.Zodiac Sign
43.An elevated flat piece of land
44.A technological hangout
45.Young Man
46.Sport that may require head use
47.Cat Doctor
2.To be unsure of
4.Mouth Muscle
6.The Location of St. Paul's Cathedral
8.A Bug Hunter
9.Another Word For Laugh
14.To Visit a New Location For Leisure
16.What Jonas Salk Created?
17.The Current Pope's Name
19.Power Control in a Home
23.The Pigment of Carrots
24.To be opposed to
27.A Young Kangaroo
28.To Stand
29.Famous Play Writer
32.Elderly Virus
34.Drink of Scotland
35.What Maple Syrup is made from
39.Card Game
40.The Devil
41.Horses Hair
42.A Lion Says

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