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Your Ecosystem Animals

Nicole C

These are all animals that live in water and around coral.

1 2
3                   4

3.are a group of water dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria.
5.you can eat these and they are spongebobs boss.
6.you can find these in sea food stores and you can eat them raw or cooked.
7.you can by these in stores and they live in about any tank.
8.there is a lot of diffrent kind of these and there mom lays the eggs and let them be.
9.these have 5 legs and it is spongebobs best friend and so the object is.
1.They are marine animals with a leathery skinand they are named after a vege.
2.they have fish and all anamils swimming around them and they are bright colorful and tough.
3.these are very scary ocean predators.
4.these are animal that have a curly tail and they look nothing like there nickname.

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