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Erica John

Use the sentences to find the answers for the puzzle

1                     2 3 4
  8     9              
14                     15
16               17      
  19       20      
22             23        

1.When cooking vegetables, this texture is your goal
5.Stored st very low temperatures
8.Another name for lettuce (2 Words)
10.Part of the plant that grows new plants
12.This round, red, juicy vegetable is plentiful in the summer
13.Nutrients from sugars and starches in vegetables
14.These can be eaten cooked or raw
16.Store these vegetables in a cool ,dark, dry place
17.Layers of fleshy leaves surrounding the underground part of the stem
18.Large, underground stem that stores nutrients
19.Allows ou to choose our own ingredients for ready-to-eat salads (2 Words)
22.A leafy, dark green vegetable high in many vitamins and minerals
23.The part of the vegetables that help the digestive system
1.Number when describing vegetables as tri-colored
2.Natural chemicals in vegtables that boost health
3.A low-fat method of cooking vegetables that adds flavor
4.Raw vegetables can be eaten between meals for these
6.When vegetables are highest in quality, most plentiful, and lowest in price (2 Words)
7.The part of the refrigerator best for storing most fresh vegetables
9.Small chunks or pieces of vegetables eaten out of hand (2 Words)
11.A yellow vegetable that grows in kernals on the cob.
15.When this is bright, a vegetable is more likely to be high in quality
16.Fresh fruits, vegtables, and herbs
20.Preserved by removing almost all the water
21.Do this to fresh vegetables before preparing or eating them

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